ECU Remapping Gloucester / Car engine tuning Gloucester / Stroud area

Whaddon Garage undertakes repairs to all makes of vehicle.NEW: ECU Remapping Gloucester and Stroud area.

Would you like you vehicle engine tuned for better fuel economy? Or better performance?
Then come to Whaddon Garage, Gloucester

ECU means "Electronic Control Unit", and it is the small computer that manages your engine tuning. This is preset at the factory for good all-round performance for every-day driving.

But some drivers would like a bit more power, or a bit more torque, or just better fuel economy from their engine.

We can offer ECU remapping / engine remapping for most makes of car registered since 2000.

What does Remapping do for you?
  • If you choose tuning for economy, there can be up to 10 - 20% savings on fuel running costs if you drive in the same manner as before.
  • If you choose performance tuning, you get more power, more torque, better acceleration for overtaking, and so on.
We have a small range of courtesy cars/vans available to keep you mobile, subject to availability. There is NO CHARGE for this, but you will be responsible for fuel costs.

Engine Tuning - gas flowing, port and polish, etc

We also do engine tuning. Call us on 01452 813384 and tell us what you have in mind.

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