Car Diagnostics - Engine Diagnostics - Gloucester, Stroud area

Car Diagnostics / Engine Diagnostics

For many years, vehicles have been fitted with a small computer to manage the engine and to monitor the state of different components in your car. by plugging in a diagnostics machine, we can check the diagnostics readings and gives them precise information to help diagnose a current problem, or to warn of impending problems.

At Whaddon Garage, we have a generic  Diagnostics machine that allows us to connect to most vehicles, and to give a diagnostics readout.

Free Diagnostics code read while you wait

We offer a FREE Code Read on your vehicle, whereas most garages make a charge of £40 just to plug in and switch on.

Depending on the vehicle, we can check:

This test tells us what may be wrong with your car, so that fix a problem, or take steps to prevent a problem arising.

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